Friday, May 30, 2008

Kelly's Kindergarten Graduation

Today was Kelly's Kindergarten graduation.
This is Kelly with her teacher Mrs. Cassell. Mrs. Cassell is retiring this year after 31 years of teaching. Kelly LOVED her!

Kelly and Ashlee.
Ashlee was not in her class but lives across the street and I watch her in the mornings and afternoons.

Kelly and Bella.
She lives down the street and they have recently started playing together. Bella is almost a year older and boy is she taller.

Class of 2020

McKenna, Camille, and Kelly.
McKenna had to be part of almost every picture.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Poor McKenna

For the past week McKenna has not been feeling too well. She had a fever and a cough for a few days. Two of the nights, she coughed for an hour straight. She took a nap 3 days in a row. You know she did not feel good if she WANTED to nap. She moved the Hello Kitty humidifier right next to her bed so it could "help her feel better".
Today she is doing much better and was much happier than a few days ago.
On Monday we went for an ENT follow-up visit and luckily her ears were not infected but they are still full of fluid. We are going to go ahead and set up an appointment for her to get tubes. We put it off and tried to see if it would clear up on its own but after 5 months it looks pretty much the same.
Wish her luck!
I am not looking forward to the surgery but I KNOW it will help her to feel better in general.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Stone

Saturday night was our friend Stoney's birthday party. He lives right across the street and he always lets us play on his swing set because we don't have one. He is a good friend to the girls and they love playing with him.
A firetruck was able to come and visit the party. They let the kids climb up in the truck and "Drive". There must have been at least 20 kids at the party. 11 of them are neighbors and the rest were Stone's cousins.

Kelly and McKenna loved standing on the front of the truck and dancing. Camille had just gone to bed when the truck came. It was close to 8 before it got there.

We had a great time at the party. Thanks Stone for inviting us. Happy 5th birthday!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Counter Tops

This is the only picture I can find of the old counters. This is when we look at the house and the fridge was being fixed. I thought I had another one but nope!
We changed our blue laminate counter tops to beautiful granite.
Here are the new tops. They just got done a few hours ago. They look so clean!

Our new stainless steel sink and new faucet!

I tried to get a close up and with our camera this is the best I could do without making it look REALLY spotty. It mainly looks black from far away but closer up it looks a bit more like this.

With the flash on, the colors show up way more than they do in real life.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Popsicles, Camille walking, Lakers, and Silly girls

Today was Camille's first day having a popsicle of her own. She has had bites of Kelly's but not her own. She loved it. If you have not found the Magic Mini pops, you need to. They are the perfect size for a small snack and they don't have much time to melt.

This is the best proof I have of Camille walking. Our camera is almost 6 years old and has no video so this is it. It is sort of an action shot!

Kelly is helping her dad out by supporting the Lakers. She wears this for a pajama shirt and loves it. She asks to wear it a lot.

Kelly loves to help Camille and shares everything with her.

McKenna actually woke up HAPPY from a nap last week.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

To those tired of seeing COOTIE!

I have been told by a few people that they are tired of seeing Cootie on my blog and that I need a new post. Well, here is a new post.

1. Got up
2. Took a shower before Ashlee got here.
3. Got Kelly ready for school.
4. Took kids to school.
5. Finished getting beautiful. haha
6. Got McKenna and Camille ready.
7. Took McKenna to playgroup at Amber's.
8. Camille and I went to Michael's, Bath and Body Works, Target, and Tim Hortaon for hot chocolate even though it was not cold out.
9. Picked up Kelly from school.
10. Picked up McKenna from playgroup.
11. Came home and ate lunch.
12. Camille and McKenna took a LONG nap.
13. Kelly and I read books, planted her plant, and did her playground book.
14. Took a 45 minute nap.
15. Picked up Ashlee from school.
16. Watched Wubbzy with McKenna.
17. Daddy came home.
18. Played outside with Stone and Sharon.
19. Made mom's spaghetti, corn, bread sticks, and pears for the family.
20. Went to Wives Club.
21. Checked on Kelly's fish and messages. He is still alive.
22. Helped Cory put the girls to bed.
23. Blogged

Now was that really very interesting???
P.S. Ashlee is the girl I babysit.
P.S.S. Camille is officially walking.