Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Super Thanksgiving Vacation

This is almost the whole Nelson Family. My parents have 9 children who are all married but 1. (he is almost 25 for those who are looking) They now have 22 grandkids. We are missing Cory, Trena, Jordan, Michael and Jamal. This was at Kaylee's baby blessing on Sunday the 25th.
Picture is courtesy of someone in my family.

Kelly and McKenna really liked the plane ride. This is them right before we took off. They were really good for me on the plane.

McKenna even found a decent place to sleep.

Just five of the grandkids on Grandma Dorene and Grandpa Jeff's swing. It was great weather.
McKenna, Jamal, Kelly, April, Ryan

After only 2 days, the girls were so tired. They fell asleep on Cory and Mimi's shoulders.
We ate at Chipotle at the Plaza with Grams and Papa.

Camille got her first ride in a swing at a park.

Our sister-in-law Emmie and her son Sinjin at the park with us. As of right now, Sinjin is our girls only cousin on Daddy's side. Emmie is expecting their second soon. She is already over 3 months and looks great!

Chuck E. Cheese is always a hit.

We went to a great place (thanks Emily) called Air Kids with about 5 blow up things for the kids to jump on and balls to shoot at each other. They had a blast!

Camille with her cousin Hannah who is 9 and LOVES babies!

We took family pictures with Cory's family on Thanksgiving.
Kelly and McKenna with Bompee and Mimi in their backyard.
We also took pictures of the whole family but like my own family, I did not get any on my camera. I will post when I get some.

Kelly and her Uncle Seth (Cory's brother and Emmie's husband) playing Guitar Hero on Thanksgiving.

Yes, this is a whole bag of candy! Anyone who KNOWS McKenna knows how to win her love.

Saturday night we went downtown to see the lights on the Historic Riverside Mission Inn. Camille even liked it.

Kelly and McKenna with their cousin Jordan.

While we were waiting to get on the plane to come home, the girls decided to see if they were small enough to be carry-ons. I think they could be!

We had a great trip. It was tiring at the end being without Cory but we made it and loved being able to see both of our families in one trip. Thank you all for everything! We love you and miss you all!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

This is just part of our Sunday evening activities. Today we forgot it was stake conference since we were home sick last week. Kelly and I made it all the way over to the church and saw that NOBODY was there.
Camille and McKenna still have a cough and runny nose so they were staying home with dad.
We have been in the house all day!
I don't think I will get another post in before we leave for California on Thursday so here are your last pictures before we get to see you ALL in person!

Whenever Camille sees Kelly's blanket, she grabs it and pulls it to her face so she can suck her thumb. It is so cute!

We have a step down family room that keeps Camille contained for now. When we are all in the kitchen she crawls over and, for now, only gets her hands up. She really wants to be where we are. Does that look like your old tile mom?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Our House- Part 1

This is for all of you who live far away and will not get the chance to come and see our house. This is not all of it but I have at least gotten the bedrooms straightened up and was able to get a picture before they got messy again.

The first two are of Camille's room. So far it is nice and neat without a bunch of toys in it.

These next three are of Kelly and McKenna's room. All of the toys are hidden away in the closet at the moment. It is pretty green but it is bright and cheery. Those orange/gold things on the walls are dragonflies.

This is the master. Nothing too special here. Most of you have already seen the bathrooms so I will spare you with that. We LOVE our house!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
The day was finally here and they were excited. I think Kelly was more excited than anyone. She told me that most cheerleaders only have one ponytail in the back so that is what we did. Camille would not keep her hat on for the picture so Cory had to drop it on right as I was taking it.

McKenna got a little more excited when we went outside to take a picture and she saw more kids starting to Trick-or-Treat. She was pretty happy when they got home.
I let daddy take them around while I watched Camille and passed out candy. They got to eat one piece of candy when they got home. A lot of people stay outside on their porch or driveway and hand out candy. It was fun to be in our first house and be able to hand out our own candy this year.