Sunday, September 20, 2009

We started out our trip by flying to California. We had one layover and the kids did great. Here we are in the airport. Camille insisted on carrying her backpack that was almost the same size as her.

We found a "Bear Panda" store at the airport in Atlanta.

We ate and watched the planes during our layover.

Since we found out we were going to be taking a trip to California when Cameron was just a month old, we decided to wait and do his baby blessing there with most of our family.

The kids cousin, Autumn!

Bella, McKenna, Brianna, and Kelly
We celebrated Bompee's birthday.

My oldest sibling turned 40 while we were in town. My mom, 3 sisters, 2 sister-in-laws, and friend spent 2 nights at a beach house to celebrate. 3 babies came along too!

Cory brought the girls down to play at the beach. The had a blast. Cory took them to his old stomping ground, the Arcade.

Cousins; Lukas 6 months, Autumn 1 year, Cameron 3 months. Yes, Cameron is about the size of his 6 months old cousin.

We had dinner with Great Grandma Grams and Papa. Cory's brothers and families were able to come too. This is Kelly with Kyra.

Cameron was pooped out by the end of the trip. He, along with the girls actually did great.
There were many more events that I do not have pictures of. Kelly and McKenna got to go to Disneyland with Mimi and Bompee, went swimming, had sleep overs at Grandma Dorene's and Grandpa Jeff's and we got to eat at ALL of our favorite food spots.
Thanks Mimi and Bompee for letting us take over your house and for everything else!!